Ukraine receives 40 French armored vehicles — report

AMX 10-RC tanks
AMX 10-RC tanks

The Ukrainian military has likely recently received 40 French AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicles in recent weeks, Bulgarian Military news outlet reported on Nov. 1.

“The 37th Separate Brigade of the Ukrainian Marine Corps has come into possession of an impressive [batch of] 40 French wheeled armored fighting vehicles AMX-10RC,” the report said.

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“These armored machines, intended for reconnaissance and combat, were recently delivered from France.”

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According to the publication, the initial use of the AMX-10RC in Russia's war against Ukraine was "not overly successful". Based on their data, four vehicles were lost, one of which was captured by Russian troops.

The vehicles were subsequently moved to the second line.

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“However, after a few weeks, there began to appear evidence of their renewed use, especially in the form of operations with concealed firing positions,” the article adds.

During his May 14 visit to France, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy received a commitment from French leader Emmanuel Macron to provide Kyiv with an unspecified number of AMX-10RC vehicles in the future.

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