Ukraine makes history by destroying enemy missile ship before commissioning

The Armed Forces of Ukraine damaged the Russian Askold missile ship
The Armed Forces of Ukraine damaged the Russian Askold missile ship

Ukraine achieved a historic milestone when it became the first country ever to incapacitate an enemy missile ship before its official commissioning, according to Defense Express on Nov. 7.

Defense Express has reported that the Russian cruise missile carrier Askold remains afloat but has sustained critical damage, necessitating a complete reconstruction.

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The aerial attack was aimed precisely aimed at the central section of the Askold's hull, which housed eight vertical launch tubes for Kalibr or Onyx cruise missile, Defence Express said.

"Given the nature of the external damage, it is most likely that the Russians will have to scrap most, if not all, of the ship's onboard control equipment located on the bridge," Defense Express said.

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The central hull compartment of Karakurt-class corvettes like the Askold also houses the ship's diesel engines, which might have been rendered inoperable.

The Russian missile ship, Askold, was originally slated for commissioning into the Russian Black Sea Fleet in December 2023.

On Nov. 4, during an air raid alert in the occupied city of Sevastopol, residents reported hearing explosions.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces later confirmed that it had succesfully targeted the Zatoka shipyard in occupied Kerch.

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The Askold is a compact missile ship, designed to carry up to eight Kalibr missiles. Military experts say that neutralizing such a ship holds significant importance for Ukraine's security.

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