Uji Rashid says son Cico is doing much better now

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3 Aug - Veteran singer Uji Rashid recently expressed her gratitude that son Cico Harahap is now doing much better.

The singer, who appeared at the birthday event for composer S. Attan recently, stated that the only thing that Cico has to improve on now is his speech.

"Before the MCO, for two years, his condition was getting better. But his speech still needs improving," she told Harian Metro. "Sometimes he forgets things. But he is improving day by day."

It was back in 2020 that Uji opened up about Cico's health situation in a talk show hosted by Datuk Prof. Dr Muhaya Mohamad, saying that the "Puteri Impian" actor was poisoned by his own friends when he attended a birthday party back in 2016.

"The doctor said that several different poisons were mixed into his drink, and that it could have killed him in four hours. But with God's will, he is still alive now," she said.

The incident left Cico with several damages to his brain, internal organs, as well as his vocal cords.

As for the culprits, Uji said that she will pray for them to repent.

"I hope one day they will open their hearts and repent. No mother wouldn't be angry if it happens to their own child," she added.

Uji is grateful that her son is doing much better
Uji is grateful that her son is doing much better

(Photo Source: Uji Rashid Instagram)

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