Uh oh, Diablo 4 has an invincibility exploit in its PvP areas

 Diablo 4 battle pass
Diablo 4 battle pass

Diablo 4 players have discovered a critical PvP bug that's rendering players invincible.

The issue was first raised late last week over on Blizzard's forums by a distressed player. "Someone found PVP zone immortal bug while PVP playing. Even without considering that PVP is endgame content, this is a very serious and critical bug that ruins the gameplay," the player wrote.

According to this player, the method to become invincible works as follows: stand on the border of the PvP and PvE areas, and use any skill once. Then use any "normal" strike once, and finally use a Scroll of Cursed Chaos to become invincible in the PvP area and quite literally wreck anyone you come across.

Just below is a Korean player demonstrating just how bad the Diablo 4 bug is (thanks, Icy-Veins). You can see the opposing player, apparently rendered invincible by using a teleportation scroll, relentlessly pursue the hapless player and carve them into pieces in mere seconds, all while they're impervious to any damage.

In the next clip below, we can see another player encounter an invincible opponent, only this time the foe is more than happy to just run around and revel in the fact they're immune to any damage. Apparently the player exploiting the bug here is a Sorcerer, but comments on the video claim any class in Diablo 4 can enable the bug.

Right now at least, there hasn't been a response from Blizzard about the exploit. Considering how pressing the issue is though, and how seemingly easy the invincibility bug is to activate, here's hoping Blizzard is already aware of the issue.

Diablo 4 is getting a new vampire season without Immortal's new vampire class, when Season 2 arrives later this year in October.