This U.S. State Was Named the Best Place for LGBTQ+ Retirees

Maine has many protective policies for its LGBTQ+ community, which makes up four percent of the population.

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Retiring is a major milestone that, for many Americans, also means moving to a different state in search of a more laid-back lifestyle, affordable cost of living, or new experiences. But for the LGBTQ+ community, retirement brings an additional set of challenges, like a higher risk of discrimination and harassment. That's why it's important to relocate to a state with protective laws that guarantee equal rights for LGBTQ+ retirees. And according to, that state is Maine.

Last year, the website looked at the LGBTQ+ laws and policies in each state and analyzed data on affordability, housing, and demographics to determine the best states for gay retirees. Maine came up on top thanks to the high level of safety, affordable housing options, and large senior population. According to, nearly four percent of Pine Tree State's population is LGBTQ+.

"Maine has made considerable strides in becoming a more equitable and safe haven for the LGBTQ+ population," the website stated.

In 2019, Maine passed several bills, including banning conversion therapy and eliminating the gay/trans panic legal defense, which excused violent behavior towards LGBTQ+ individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity. And in 2021, the state included gender identity and family status in all of its statutes. Maine's bill, LD 1906, An Act to Enable Confirmatory Adoption, also provided crucial protections for LGBTQ+ families and made it easier to secure parentage.

The Movement Advancement Project (MAP), an independent NGO, ranked Maine's LGBTQ+ protective policies as high, with an overall score of 41.5 out of 44.5. also highlighted the work of SAGE National Resource Center for LGBTQ+ Aging in the state, which provides assistance to senior LGBTQ+ individuals and improves "the quality of services offered to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender older adults, families, and caregivers."

Second on's list is Vermont, which has several anti-discrimination laws regarding sexual orientation and gender identification. The state also has protections for transgender people, guaranteeing their access to healthcare.

And Nevada is the third most LGBTQ+-friendly state for retirees where seniors enjoy an affordable cost of living and a lower tax burden. (The state doesn't charge an income tax.) Over the past 15 years, Nevada has passed dozens of laws guaranteeing the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

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