Has Tyrion's ‘Game Of Thrones’ season 8 fate already been revealed?

Is this shot from Tyrion’s final season 8 scene? (credit: HBO)
Is this shot from Tyrion’s final season 8 scene? (credit: HBO)

Tyrion fans, brace yourselves. Before we get going though, we’re going to hit you with a MASSIVE spoiler warning, as we’re pretty sure that what follows is completely accurate, for reasons we’ll go into in a moment.

So, as long as you’re absolutely sure you want Tyrion’s Game Of Thrones season 8 fate completely ruined, keep reading.


Still here? Great. We’ve got good news and bad news. Actually, it’s mostly bad news – Tyrion is definitely going to die in Game Of Thrones season 8. Yeah, we’re sorry about that. But it gets worse.

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You may have seen The Ringer’s brilliant analysis of George RR Martin’s original pitch letter yesterday, which scoured the document for clues for how Game Of Thrones will end.

There’s way too much detail to reprint everything here, so we’re going to focus on the important bit with regards to Tyrion.

In the original pitch document, Jon was in love with Arya (yeah, we know, gross), but the Ringer smartly switched out Arya’s name for Dany’s, and made a fairly major discovery.

From the document: ‘Exiled, Tyrion will change sides, making common cause with the surviving Starks to bring his brother down, and falling helplessly in love with Daenerys while he’s at it. His passion is, alas, unreciprocated, but no less intense for that, and it will lead to a deadly rivalry between Tyrion and Jon Snow.’

So, yeah, elements of this have actually already happened; Tyrion’s joined with the Starks and is hoping to bring his sister, not his brother, down (George changed some significant details from pitch to the actual novels – which were originally planned as a trilogy)… Or is he?

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The jealousy angle has been confirmed by Peter Dinklage himself. “A lot of the time with Tyrion, it’s professional and personal,” Dinklage told Entertainment Weekly, “Obviously, he has feelings for Daenerys,” he continued. “There’s jealousy wrapped up in there.”

Tyrion and Daenerys hang out (credit: HBO)
Tyrion and Daenerys hang out (credit: HBO)

That means that the ‘deadly rivalry’ in the pitch document is totally on the cards – and a leak may have already revealed how it’ll conclude, a leak that’s looking more and more convincing by the day.

At the end of season seven, Tyrion sat down with his sister Cersei, following the Dragonpit meeting. We didn’t see their conversation, but afterwards, two significant things happened.

Firstly, Cersei changed her mind about the truce – agreeing to join with Jon and Dany in the Great War. We find out she was lying, and some fans believe that her lie came directly from Tyrion. After all, in the same episode, he advised that Jon learned to lie for the greater good. “Have you ever considered learning how to lie every now and then? Just a bit?”

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The second significant event in the season seven finale came when Tyrion stood in the corridor looking miserable while Jon and Dany hooked up. Some fans have suggested that he’s not just jealous, he’s feeling guilty for his betrayal.

A recent season 8 trailer seemed to suggest that Tyrion’s still convincing Jon and Dany that teaming up with Cersei is a good idea. “We must fight together now, or die,” he says.

And here’s where the leak comes in. According to a very reliable Thrones leaker (who got so many details about season 7 right ahead of broadcast, HBO was able to take three of his videos down from YouTube with a copyright strike), Tyrion’s betrayal is going to be revealed towards the end of season 8.

He’ll go on trial – back at the Dragonpit – where he’ll be found guilty of treason, and executed on the spot. Yep, we know, it sucks. But it sounds like the definition of a rivalry turned deadly.

From the sounds of things, it’ll play out in a similar way to Littlefinger’s execution. But where that had fans punching the air with glee, we predict more of a mixed reaction this time around.

We may have even seen a shot from the scene, the moment in the main season 8 trailer, where Tyrion looks up at someone (Jon and Dany?), with concern on his face, could easily take place at the Dragonpit, just going by the dirt on the ground.

We’ll find out the truth when Game Of Thrones returns on April 14.

Until then, valar morghulis!