Tyra Banks pledges to fight 'oppression' in modelling industry

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has candidly discussed her struggle against oppression in the fashion industry.

In a video titled The UpriXing Begins, recently released to promote her new attraction, ModelLand, the model/TV host passionately tackles the problems she faced during the early days of her career.

In the clip, Tyra pretends she's having an argument with industry bosses while standing outside on a street, and is role-playing ending their toxic relationship.

"Twenty-eight years and now this. It's always something with you. I was too skinny, then I was too fat, then my a*s was too big - oh, but you all about that now, huh?!" she fired, noting the trend of diversity in fashion in recent years. "Oh, excuse me? You loved me? Oh, you want to talk about the '90s? Okay, let's talk about the '90s! Let's talk about how I had to mix my own make-up colours because if I left it up to the people you chose for me, I'd look like an ashy clown."

Tyra continued the lengthy tirade, and accused fashion leaders of having to change because "if you didn't, no one would want your a*s."

She ended the fiery video on a positive note by emphasising that she had overcome the setbacks in her modelling career to become a successful businesswoman who knows her worth.

"I am wise enough to know my beauty is not defined by you," the 46-year-old added. "Beauty is all shapes and sizes. All colours and genders. Young and old. Tall and short. Thin and thick."

Finishing the footage with an ominous threat to the fashion industry, Tyra claimed it was "payback time".

"Every single day, I will continue to fight your oppression that makes people feel like c**p about themselves," she stated.

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