Tyra Banks credits Cindy Crawford with inspiring her to branch outside of fashion

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks was inspired by Cindy Crawford to pursue a career outside of modelling.

In a new interview, the TV personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, and author has credited the supermodel for paving the way for others in the industry to establish their own brands.

"I kind of followed in the footsteps of Cindy Crawford, but just did it my way," she told WWD. "I was very inspired by her. I remember reading an article saying she had a Revlon contract and an office in the Revlon building, and I'm like, 'Wow, that's cool.'

"I couldn't really understand what that meant, but I know there was something powerful behind it. I liked that she took her name and made herself a brand and household name."

However, the America's Next Top Model host and creator went on to explain that she is pleased she gave Cindy's career her own spin and headed into television.

"I added my own passions. It's producing television and creating a talk show and now being the founder of ModelLand," the 46-year-old added, referencing her upcoming modelling theme park

The unique attraction, which will give visitors the chance to live out their "ultimate modelling fantasy", will open its doors in Santa Monica, California in May.

And Tyra said her vision for ModelLand was to give other women the tools to create their own careers in the fashion business.

"I like to say we're like the Disney of fashion and beauty and self-esteem," she shared. "It's a place where everybody can be the fantasy versions of themselves."

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