Two Babies Unexpectedly Born in Taxis Just Days Apart

Jia Ling

Most parents-to-be create birth plans to help make their birth processes more comfortable: from choosing between natural birth and c-section (or vice versa) to deciding who you want with you in the delivery room and whether you want the lights dimmed, are just some of the choices most parents want to be sorted out before the big day.

However, as much as parents-to-be prepare for their child’s birth, some things just don’t go as planned and the unexpected happens. This is true for two mums who were rushing to their respective hospitals to give birth but had to give birth in one of the most unlikely place.

Two Babies Unexpectedly Born in ComfortDelGro Taxis

Not one, but two babies were born within the short span of seven days in a taxi, shared ComfortDelGro in an Instagram post on 15 July.  

The first baby was born on 27 May 2020, in a taxi driven by Mr Hanafiah Ismail.


No further details were provided in the post, apart from the baby boy being birthed by a Mr and Mrs Lindberg.

Two Babies Unexpectedly Born

Photo: Instagram/cdgtaxi

A week later on 3 June, another baby came into the world, driven by ComfortDelGro cabby Mr Lim Wee Beng. The 63-year-old was said to have accepted a booking job for KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital by a Mr and Mrs Sim.

Mrs Sim—who was going into labour then—did not make it to the hospital in time and ended up giving birth along the expressway.

Cabby Driver Stayed Calm, Advised Father-to-be

It was the first time cabby Lim said he was faced with such a situation in his taxi. But perhaps due to his experience as a father of two, he was able to remain calm and advise Mr Sim on the necessary.

He reminded Mr Sim to take note of the time of birth, and call the hospital to prepare for their arrival.

“I have never in my eight years of driving encountered such a situation in my taxi but I am glad to be of help,” said cabby Lim.

Photo: Instagram/cdgtaxi

Both mother and child are said to be safe and well. 

Cabby Lim said: In challenging times such as this pandemic, being able to witness new life is a joyous occasion and I am happy that both mother and child are safe and well.”

Two Babies Unexpectedly Born

One of the two babies unexpectedly born in the taxi. | Photo: Instagram/cdgtaxi

It can be unnerving to experience unexpected labour in an unfamiliar environment.

“Luckily, Cabby Lim reminded us to take note of the details of the birth. We would not have remembered to do so at that moment. The hospital really asked us for those details when we arrived,” said Mr Sim.

You can view the full post here:

Lead image via Instagram/cdgtaxi.


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