Twitter is loving the story of a woman's quest to retrieve her engagement ring after it fell down a grate

A woman managed to retrieve her ring after it fell down a pavement grate [Photo: Getty]
A woman managed to retrieve her ring after it fell down a pavement grate [Photo: Getty]

Twitter is rejoicing at the story of the woman who was reunited with her engagement ring after dropping it down a pavement grate.

Losing your engagement ring, or any other item of jewellery, is something we all fear, so we can all sympathise with the horror Kate Ray felt when her beloved engagement ring flew off her finger and plunged into a New York drain.

She had been out lunching with her colleagues when her ring, which is a size too loose, spun off her finger as she gesticulated and dropped right down the grate. * shocked face emoji *

But Kate, was determined this wasn’t the end for her precious ring and taking to Twitter she documented her tireless efforts to retrieve it in a now-viral thread.

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Turns out Kate could see her ring in amongst the rubbish in the dirty drain and not to be deterred, set about retrieving it.

At first she thought that only engineers from the drain owners would be able to get it out, but after trying, and failing, to track them down, she set about getting it out herself using a heavy duty tape measure, some duct tape and some magnets. Genius!

After about 30 or 40 minutes of trying, Kate managed to lock onto the ring and began to pull it up. By then she’d been joined by a crowd of well-wishers all eager to see how the story unfolded.

Eventually after pushing her fingers as far into the grate as possible she managed to grab hold of the ring to be reunited with her sparkler, much to the joy of the crowd and the people now following eagerly on Twitter.

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Who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending eh? The Twitterverse sure does…

It isn’t the first time an engagement ring has been returned to its owner after being lost in a New York grate.

In December last year a couple who lost their engagement ring down a grate shortly after the proposal, were reunited with the rescued jewellery, after an appeal by police.

Turns out social media is often keen to help out with a missing engagement ring. Also last year, Ruth Bamber sent a public plea to the internet, begging for help finding her sparkler, and it quickly went viral.