Twitter Calls Out This Photo of Kim Jong Un Climbing a Mountain In Spotless Loafers

Veronika Bondarenko

Those who scale mountains normally do not make it to the top with spotless shoes.

That is why, when North Korean media released a photo of ruler Kim Jong Un atop of Mount Paektu, some observers in the West pointed to the dictator’s shiny leather shoes as evidence that the feat could’ve proven to be difficult in a footwear choice that appeared to be not very practical. In the picture, the North Korean leader is standing on a snow-capped peak in a formal black coat and hat along with a pair of stainless black leather loafers.

“His eyes reflected the strong beams of the gifted great person seeing in the majestic spirit of Mount Paektu, the appearance of a powerful socialist nation which dynamically advances full of vigour without vacillation at any raving dirty wind on the planet,” an article in North Korea’s official state newspaper said. According to a translation via The Independent, the article also claimed that Kim had spent the day “going through thick snow.”

Since the story’s release, both journalists and social media users called into question whether the dictator, without any specialized climbing gear, could have really scaled the 9,000-foot mountain sacred according to Korean tradition — and emerged with completely snow- and scuff-free shoes.

“His spotless black leather shoes suggest otherwise,” a Twitter user going by the the handle KesniyaYvonne1 wrote on Sunday night.

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