Twitch suffers major hack revealing confidential data

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Confidential information from the Twitch platform was made available on a web forum.

On October 6 Twitch suffered a leak of historic proportions. Huge amounts of confidential information related to the American company, its creators and its users were found on an anonymous forum.

Twitch is the victim of a major breach. The streaming platform experienced the worst information leak in its history, when some of its confidential information found its way onto the web. A 135GB torrent file is circulating on anonymous forum 4chan with data such as a list showing the revenue figures of content creators since 2019. More worrying for Twitch, the source code and moderation tools are also freely available.

This data can serve not only to detect flaws, but in particular to analyze the streaming platform's recommendation algorithms. These algorithms could reveal the company's most confidential policies, which determine which streamers are highlighter over others on the platform.

More than 10,000 international content creators have seen their incomes since 2019 leaked on the web. To be more specific, the figures revealed are a channel's sales figures -- not a salary. Zerator, a famous streamer, has confirmed the amount concerning him, which leaves little doubt about the veracity of the information revealed online. The access codes of Amazon's cloud service, AWS, are also available in the file. They could be used to recover even more data.

Is 'part two' coming soon?

Judging from how the topic on the forum is titled, "twitch leaks part one," it's fair to assume that there could well be a second data leak targeting users of the platform. The fear is that a second "leak" could make passwords available, but it shouldn't concern users' banking data, which isn't stored on the Twitch servers. However, other data could be made available, and it is strongly advised to change your password as soon as possible.

While the motivations behind the attack remain unknown, the post on the forum contains some clues. The author describes the platform and its community as a "disgusting toxic cesspool." A possible reference to the recurring problem that the streaming site has been facing for several months, namely the hate raids , which even prompted users to stage a kind of demonstration against the platform . But nothing has been confirmed, and the post also claimed that the attack is aimed at encouraging competition in the video game streaming industry.

Twitch is currently investigating the incident , which is believed to have stemmed from an error in the configuration of its server, to which a third-party user gained access. For Twitch the nightmare isn't over anytime soon.

Axel Barre

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