Twitch is changing its subscription policy and introducing ways to financially support creators

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Twitch is changing up its pricing policy to satisfy users.

Streaming site Twitch is considering pricing subscriptions based on the country in which its users live. A way for the company to allow more financial support to be directed to content creators and to increase its popularity.

On Twitch, a subscription allows you to support a streamer, to fully enjoy the chat, to acquire accessories or to enjoy the content free of ads. For a price of 4.99 dollars, you can have access to a level 1 subscription, the simplest. And this is what the site wants to change. In an effort to increase its expansion, and at the same time ease the costs of supporting a streamer, Twitch is thinking about a new solution, as the price is still an obstacle to subscribing on the platform, especially in some countries. The percentage of active users supporting creators, through a subscription, is around 50% lower in Europe and Asia than in the United States. A figure that is even more accentuated in South America where it's nearly 80% lower.

Twitch has envisioned a solution of pricing that better matches users' various cost of living in these different countries. A first test is to take place in Mexico (for 48 pesos) and in Turkey (for 9.90 TRY) on May 20, 2021. The two countries were chosen as they "are home to creators and viewers who have been passionate about this change for quite some time." Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe will see adapted pricing during Q3 2021. According to Twitch, this gradual launch will allow the community to adapt more easily to the changes. The list of countries can be seen here .

Twitch will support creators through the transition period

The streaming platform has addressed the problem of content creators who may suddenly see a drop in the money they receive. As their income is a key issue for Twitch, the site has decided to launch a 12-month program to facilitate the change for eligible creators from a financial point of view. The platform promises to cover 100% of baseline revenue (if needed) related to channel subscriptions for three months. After that, payments will decrease by 25% every three months.

Moreover, Twitch is continuing to listen to users' feedback and aims to meet their expectations while respecting the work of creators. No doubt that the streaming platform will continue to innovate in the coming years.

Axel Barre