‘Twin Love’: Bella Twins Want to Help Reliant Twins Find Love — by Separating Them

Nearly 15 years after their WWE debut, the Bella Twins are kicking off a new endeavor by hosting dating show “Twin Love.” It aims to help reliant identical twins find another type of match, even if that means separating them to do so.

“As identical twins, we do rely on each other — we have so much confidence when we’re together,” Brie Garcia told TheWrap. “When we walk into a room, we have each other to chit-chat, we don’t feel the need to go talk to someone. By splitting them up, we knew that we were giving them the chance to truly find love.”

“Twin Love,” whose first installment is now available to stream on Prime Video, invites 10 sets of identical twins — 5 sets of men and 5 sets of women — to mingle with dating prospects who understand the close bond twins share. Upon their arrival, Brie and Nikki Garcia tell the twins they will be split up into two villas and won’t interact with their other half until the end of the experience, driving some of the siblings to tears.

“We knew it was going to crush them because it would crush us,” Brie said. “We were dreading it — to see their excitement to walk in [together] and [we] knew that we were going to drop this bomb on them, it was hard.”

“Even at my age now, if Brie and I were going to do a show for like a month … and then I show up and they were like, ‘say goodbye to your sister, give me your cell phones and you’ll see her in like a month,’ I would be like, ‘Oh, wait!'” Nikki added.

The struggle to balance romantic relationships with a tight-knit twin bond is no stranger to the Bella Twins, who admit they’ve had to reprioritize their relationships to make room for a life partnership with their husbands.

“Your whole life, you put your twin first, so for us to all of a sudden get into a relationship and have to switch that, mentally it doesn’t make sense for us,” Nikki said. “As a habit, I always want to call her first and tell her the news [first], so you definitely have to break those habits.”

As Nikki and Brie met each set of twins prior to splitting them up, they saw themselves in a handful of the siblings who live and work together, the Bellas noted, giving them a zoomed-out look at the other side of dating a twin.

“[We] saw how hard it is to date a twin because it’s like, all of a sudden, you’re dating two people,” Nikki continued. “I’ll say the show definitely opened up my eyes to realize what we put our poor husbands through and the work we have to do to make sure that they’re first.”

In addition to prompting some painful-yet-needed personal growth, what follows after the twins split up is a social dating experiment as each villa holds one set of the 10 new sets of identical twins.

“Do they act the same? Do they date the same? Do they go for the same person?” Brie asked. “And on top of it, how are they when they aren’t with the person that they have [spent] their entire lives with?”

While Nikki and Brie knew some of the participants had similar dating preferences as their sibling going into the experience, they were shocked when twins with different types went for the same set of twins as each other from their separate villas.

“Everyone would always tell my sister and I growing up, ‘you guys need a reality show,’ and all our friends are like, ‘you guys are like a walking reality show’ just because of how twins are and how we are,” Nikki said. “[As I watched] all these twins, I was like ‘wow, twins do make really good reality television.'”

“Twin Love” is now streaming on Prime Video.

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