TVB takes safety measure to ensure employees' safety

30 Jan – In an effort to minimise the spreading risk of the Coronavirus, TVB recently announced that it has taken a new measure to ensure the health and safety of its employees.

As reported on Mingpao, TVB released a statement to the media saying that they have established a checkpoint in TVB City, where employees will have their temperature checked as they enter the building.

"If a fever is detected, the said employee will be advised to go home and rest. Some of the gates will also be closed to control the flow of people," it added.

TVB also expressed their hope for the media to give their full cooperation when entering the premise to cover news about the company's activities.

When asked about the new measure, TVB actor Lau Dan, who was approached by the media upon arriving at the company, stated that a lot of companies all over the world have implemented similar action.

"We have no reason not to do it," he added.

Aside from TVB, ViuTV has also implemented its own anti-epidemic measures, with employees who have visited mainland China being given a 14-day holiday, where they are required to isolate themselves at home.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)