TVB releases 2017 ratings report

6 Dec – Although the year has yet to close its curtain, TVB recently released its rating report, which saw an interesting pattern of low-budget dramas triumphing over big projects.

At fifth place is "My Unfair Lady", the Frankie Lam and Jessica Hsuan-starrer that was also TVB's first drama filmed in 4K resolution. Despite gaining attention through its interesting storyline and onscreen partnerships, it only had an average 24 points peaking at 29.

On the other hand, Kenneth Ma's new drama, "The Exorcist's Meter", which just recently ended its run, came in fourth with an average 25 points peaking at 26.

The third place goes to "Tiger Mom Blues", which stars none of TVB's current hot stars. The drama, which stars Elena Kong as a stay-at-home mother who is influenced by her own mother's strictness in her upbringing, has an average 25 points peaking at 31.

A surprise hit, "A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch" came in second with an average of 27 points peaking at 34. The drama - co-starring Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, and Matthew Ho - also helped popularised the latter, enabling him to win Most Improved Actor at the Starhub TVB Awards and TVB Star Awards Malaysia.

In first place with an average of 28 points is "The Unholy Alliance", co-starring last year's TV King and Queen Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu. While fans agreed that the drama was not as good as its predecessor, "A Fist Within Four Walls", it still attracted viewers due to its connection to the 2016 drama and the chemistry between its lead stars.

On the other hand, despite boasting many stars, "Line Walker: The Prelude" failed to make it to the Top 5.

(Photo source: U Lifestyle)