TVB producer explains lack of publicity for new Joe Ma drama

25 Sep – TVB producer Andy Chan is determined to do his best in helming another cop drama through his upcoming series, "The Big Thing" (working title) despite the current political climate in Hong Kong.

As reported on Mingpao, the producer, who spoke about the upcoming drama, which revolves around traffic cops and their duties, clarified the reason why they didn't invite the media to the costume-fitting event of the said drama, saying that some of the costumes are not ready yet due to the difficulties in aligning all of the actors' schedules.

"For example, Jeannie Chan plays a bad girl in the drama, but she can't cut her hair since she is doing another drama, so the styling is not appropriate," he said.

Andy also stated that he also didn't hold such an event for his previous drama, "Airport Strikers".

On the other hand, sources claimed that the drama was originally a sequel to the 2016 series, "Speed of Life", but had to change its title and the direction due to the public's mistrust of the Hong Kong police.

Among stars who joined the drama include Joe Ma, Bobby Au Yeung, and Joey Meng - the latter whose last drama was 2016's "Dead Wrong".

The drama will begin filming in early October.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)