TVB keeps mum about laying off 10 percent of workforce

23 Dec – TVB has no comments when it comes to reports that it is laying off 350 employees – which is 10 percent of its workforce.

As reported on Mingpao, the company's External Affairs Division did not disclose the actual number of staff and departments that were cut, nor did they respond as to whether the layoffs will affect the company's operation.

In his previous memo, CEO Mark Lee Po On stated that the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong have severely affected the economy and all industries including advertising, television and other media were not spared.

Thus, he added, the company had to do some restructuring to increase cost efficiency in order to continue developing and preserving its main driving force.

It was also rumoured that the Variety Department and Information Department under Sandy Yu were hit the hardest.

TVB artistes recently shared their two cents regarding the situation, with veteran actress Liza Wang saying that there are many things that needed to be considered when it comes to such decision.

"The atmosphere in Hong Kong is not great right now. I hope that there won't be massive layoffs and that companies would consider keeping their employees as many as possible," she said.

As for Evergreen Mak, the actor felt saddened that Leung Kim Hang, the producer of his show "Bazaar Carnivals", was also among those who got the cut.

"In this ever-changing society, nothing lasts forever. But this news came at the end of the year, so many people were at a loss. I hope Hong Kong people will be united and be more considerate towards one another," he added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)