TVB changes the name of its annual gala

14 Nov – After cancelling its annual sales presentation, TVB recently made another change to tradition by renaming its Anniversary Gala to "52 Years of TVB: Treasuring Hong Kong, Providing Entertainment".

As reported on HK01, the new name was unveiled in its promotional video released on 11 November, where it also revealed its two main hosts - renowned TV personality Carol "Dodo" Cheng and veteran star Liza Wang.

When asked about the name change, TVB's spokesperson responded that the decision was made in response to the current socio-political situation in Hong Kong.

"The Hong Kong society is facing troubling times, so for TVB's birthday this year, we thought that the most suitable theme would be "Treasure Hong Kong"," the rep said.

As for "Providing Entertainment", the rep stated that it has always been TVB's duty to do so, and that they hope to continue giving the Hong Kong people the energy they needed.

"We wish that Hong Kong will return to being a happy and warm place again," the rep added.

(Photo Source: Hk01)