TVB ban does not affect Louis Cheung's endorsement deals

7 Dec – Although he has been temporarily "banned" from TVB, Louis Cheung assured that it has not affected his other jobs, including his product endorsements and commercial appearances.

According to Mingpao, the actor who appeared at the 10th TVB Weekly Brand Award recently, shared that a lot of clients still wants to work with him and that they will continue the cooperation as usual.

As to whether he was affected at all by the indirect ban that was caused by a legal issue between the company and his management agency, HMV Digital China, Louis shook his head and said, "Temporarily, no effect."

As for wife Kay Tse's comeback, Louis said that it's about time for the singer to return to her fans and her love for music.

When asked if he would be okay about doing a commercial with Kay, who recently completed her first post-baby ad with SKII, he said, "We would receive offers from time to time. It's up to my wife."

(Photo source: Louis Cheung Instagram)