TV shows coming to Singapore in July 2019: Stranger Things S3, Orange Is The New Black's final season, and others

Marcus Goh
Stranger Things S3 (Netflix)

Every month, we’ll tell you about new comedies and dramas to hit terrestrial and cable channels, as well as streaming sites in Singapore. We’ll also highlight the television shows that you’ve got to be home (or on your phone) to catch every month.

Bangkok Love Stories Objects of Affection (Netflix)

Overview of July shows

July sees a huge crop of Korean dramas hitting Viu, with Hotel Del Luna leading the pack along with some quirky ones like Doctor John, I Wanna Hear You Sing, and Be Melodramatic. K-drama fans will be delighted and entertained this month, because you can't possibly stay up-to-date on every drama series (or can you?). Hit show Stranger Things returns for another action-packed season, while Orange is the New Black's final season streams as well on Netflix. Rounding things up is edgy drama I Am the Night on Warner TV, which looks like it'll be a gripping miniseries.

Stranger Things (Season 3) (4 July)

One year after the portal to the terrifying dimension of the Upside Down is sealed, a brand new mall opens up in the town of Hawkins. But even though everything seems fine on the outside, it seems that someone — or something — stayed behind when the portal closed. Amidst growing pains, teenage romance, and evolving evil, can Eleven and the gang survive this new incursion from terrors untold, or will they finally succumb to the monsters that have hunted them for so long?

While the trailer does an excellent job of preserving suspense by not actually showing us what this new threat in the third season of Stranger Things is, we know for sure it's going to be named after a Dungeons & Dragons monster. The kids don't look so cute anymore now that they've grown up, so let's hope they manage to convey that sense of innocence which made them so loveable, and stay away from teen angst territory.

Orange is the New Black (Season 7) (26 July)

The final season of Orange is the New Black sees Piper Chapman finally being released from prison — only to discover that she's not quite as prepared for the outside world as she thought she was. Even though it's the last season, not every character gets to leave Litchfield MAX. The final season will reveal how the different characters deal with change, as their lives each take a dramatic turn.

After seven seasons, this long-running drama is finally coming to a close! It was revolutionary for its time, and featured a perspective that few dared to take. However, it ultimately came down to the characterisation of its heroines, which is what made it such a rich and gripping drama. Leaving the prison setting is probably going to be a little bit awkward for this final season, but what better way to pay off all the struggles of the earlier seasons?

Hotel Del Luna (14 July)

This drama follows the adventures of Goo Chan Sun as he takes over the titular Hotel Del Luna under the leadership of its undead, ghostly CEO Jang Man Wol. The only way Man-wol can escape is if she can find someone to take her place, but it's going to be difficult to look for a replacement who's more evil than her. Sparks fly when a romance blossoms between a human and a ghost.

Hotel Del Luna is a slightly refreshing new concept, taking place in a hotel (and probably looking at the hospitality scene) as part of its premise. The usual romantic melodrama will probably follow, but since it's a love story between a human and a ghost, it's likely that we'll have some subplot about reincarnation and star-crossed lovers. Nevertheless, the production values look rather impressive.

I Am The Night (15 July, Mondays 9.50pm)
Warner TV (StarHub TV CH. 515, Singtel TV CH. 306)

I Am the Night sees teenage girl Fauna Hodel embarking on a quest to answer a question that may define her very identity. She comes across ruined reporter Jay Singletary as she starts her investigation, and the two uncover the secrets of an infamous Los Angeles gynaecologist — Dr George Hodel. What skeletons lurk in his closet, and will the two main characters finally find what they've been looking for all this while?

Based on true events, the miniseries I Am the Night boasts Patty Jenkins as director and Chris Pine as one of its stars, reuniting the pair after the Wonder Woman film. The series looks intense, and it feels like we're going to see one of the main characters die along the way. It's an interesting pair-up which promises lots of dramatic potential.

Isteri Untuk Diiktiraf (Suria)



Isteri Untuk Diiktiraf (3 July, Wednesdays 7pm)

Bujang Hantar (9 July, Tuesdays 9.30pm)

Hotel Del Luna (Viu)


Warner TV (StarHub TV CH. 515, Singtel TV CH. 306)

I Am The Night (15 July, Mondays 9.50pm)

At Eighteen (Viu)

Oh!K (Singtel TV channels 525/611, StarHub TV channel 816)

Golden Garden (14 July, Sundays 7.20pm)

100 Year Legacy (25 July, Mondays to Fridays 11pm)

Welcome 2 Life (30 July, Tuesdays to Wednesdays 7.50pm)

Watcher (Viu)

Cartoon Network (StarHub TV Ch. 316. Singtel TV Ch. 226)

Mr Magoo (14 July, Sundays 12.30pm)

Summer Camp Island (special) (26 July, Friday 7pm)

La casa de papel S3 (Netflix)



Designated Survivor: 60 Days (1 July)

Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection (2 July)

Stranger Things (Season 3) (4 July)

4 Latas (12 July)

Kidnapping Stella (12 July)

Point Blank (12 July)

Secret Obsession (18 July)

La casa de papel (Season 3) (19 July)

Another Life (25 July)

Workin' Moms (Season 2) (25 July)

My First First Love (Season 2) (26 July)

Orange is the New Black (Season 2) (26 July)

The Red Sea Diving Resort (31 July)

My First First Love S2 (Netflix)


Watcher (7 July)

Hotel Del Luna (14 July)

Justice (18 July)

Doctor Detective (18 July)

Doctor John (20 July)

Golden Garden (21 July)

At Eighteen (23 July)

Be Melodramatic (27 July)

Welcome 2 Life (30 July)

I Wanna Hear Your Song (30 July)

Orange is the New Black S7 (Netflix)

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I Wanna Hear Your Song (Viu)
I Am The Night (Warner TV)