TV shows coming to Singapore this January 2019: Godzilla: The Planet Eater, High Maintenance and more

Marcus Goh
Godzilla the Planet Eater (Netflix)

Every month, we’ll tell you about new comedies and dramas to hit terrestrial and cable channels, as well as streaming sites in Singapore. We’ll also highlight the television shows that you’ve got to be home (or on your phone) to catch every month.

Star Trek Discovery (Netflix)Overview of new January 2019 TV shows

It seems that the channels are hitting the ground running in January, with HBO releasing new seasons of four television series — True Detective, Crashing, High Maintenance, and Strike Back. Suria also introduces a new slate of dramas for viewers, and Netflix keeps up its December streak with a diverse array of enticing offerings, like Godzilla: The Planet Eater and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. For Korean drama lovers, Touch Your Heart debuts towards the end of January on Viu with a promising premise. There’s no better time to sign up for streaming or cable packages, with all the shows that are coming up!

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (1 Jan)

Tidy guru Marie Kondo comes to the rescue by helping people tackle the clutter that’s holding them back. It all comes down to one question: does it spark joy?

In our consumer-driven world, there’s that occasional hollowness that comes with owning too many things. While Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is neither a drama or a comedy, it seems to strike the right chord by telling stories of ordinary people trying to accept change in their life. For once, we have a reality programme that seems genuinely interested in helping people rather than exploiting their suffering for more eyeballs, and here’s hoping that Marie Kondo can work her magic on them. Plus, it debuts on New Year’s Day — is there a more apt date for cleaning up?


Godzilla the Planet Eater (movie) (9 Jan)

Humanity, their alien allies, and Godzilla all enter their endgame as the powerful destructive entity known as Ghidorah arrives on Earth.

In the final installment of the Godzilla anime film trilogy, we finally see fan favourite Ghidorah (or King Ghidorah, if you’re a purist) arriving to battle Godzilla. While it’s not entirely necessary, catching Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters and Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle will help to give new viewers more context to the conflict. Plus, there’s more kaiju action to be seen if you watch the entire trilogy!

Setia Menunggumu (Suria)

Setia Menunggumu (5 Jan, Saturdays 9.30pm)

Husin, a drug addict, accidentally finds a newborn baby while taking a break at a mosque. Instead of caring for the baby, he decides to sell it illegally so that the money he receives can fund his drug activities. But his intention comes to a halt when Mak Jah, his neighbor, wants to care for the baby.

The main story of Setia Menunggumu actually starts after the abovementioned baby, Akhdiat (Saharul Ridzwan) grows to adulthood. It’s an interesting premise that’s rife with potential for character development, beyond the usual family soap operatics and “safe” topic that other series will cover. What will become of the child — and will we find out where he came from?


High Maintenance (Season 3) (21 Jan, Mondays 11.30pm)
HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601)

Based on the web series from Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, High Maintenance stars Sinclair as “The Guy,” a bike-riding, weed-delivery salesman with an eclectic variety of Brooklyn clients.

After starting out as a popular web series, High Maintenance made the leap to television, while still retaining its trademark brand of offbeat humour. Regardless of whether you relate to the situations that the characters find themselves in (hopefully not, for legal reasons), it’s still an interesting and humorous character study that shows us just how universal the human experience is.

A Sister’s Secret (23 Jan, Wednesday 10pm)
Lifetime (Singtel TV Ch 302, StarHub TV Ch 514)

Based on true events, twin sisters secretly swap places on their thirtieth birthday, a harmless pastime turns into a nightmare when one of them is murdered. The clock is ticking as the only living sister still acting as her twin begins to uncover a sinister plot for “her” murder, while the killer realizes he took the wrong woman’s life.

A Sister’s Secret starts out with a premise reminiscent of The Parent Trap, before taking a much, much darker twist on the story. Given that twins are usually used as a comedic plot element, it’s fascinating to see a different take on the timeless tale of twins switching places.

Ti Amo Sweetheart 100 Hari! (Suria)


Ti Amo, Sweetheart 100 Hari! (3 Jan, Thursdays 9.30pm)

Setia Menunggumu (5 Jan, Saturdays 9.30pm)

Hilang Kasih Di Sarajevo (9 Jan, Wednesday 9.30pm)

A Father’s Nightmare (HBO)


Lifetime (Singtel TV Ch 302, StarHub TV Ch 514)

House of Darkness: New Blood (9 Jan, Wednesday 10pm)

A Father’s Nightmare (16 Jan, Wednesday 10pm)

A Sister’s Secret (23 Jan, Wednesday 10pm)

Sea Change (30 Jan, Wednesday 10pm)

Sea Change (HBO)

HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601)

True Detective (Season 3) (14 Jan, Mondays 10am and 10pm)

Crashing (Season 3) (21 Jan, Mondays 11am and 11pm)

High Maintenance (Season 3) (21 Jan, Mondays 11.30pm)

Strike Back (Season 6) (26 Jan, Saturdays 11am and 10pm)

House Of Darkness (HBO)



What’s Wrong, Poonsang? (10 Jan)

My Lawyer, Mr Joe 2: Crime and Punishment (8 Jan)

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix)


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (1 Jan)

Godzilla the Planet Eater (movie) (9 Jan)

Sex Education (11 Jan)

Titans (11 Jan)

The Last Laugh (movie) (11 Jan0

Io  (movie) (18 Jan)

Close (movie) (18 Jan)

Soni (movie) (18 Jan)

Star Trek: Discovery (Season 2) (18 Jan)

Polar (movie) (25 Jan)

Kingdom (25 Jan)

Black Earth Rising (25 Jan)

Club De Cuervos (Season 4) (25 Jan)

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix)
My Lawyer, Mr Joe 2: Crime and Punishment (Viu)
What’s Wrong, Poonsang? (Viu)
A Sister’s Secret (HBO)

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