'Turner & Hooch' episode five review: A stinky, disappointing tale

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18 Aug 2021: 'Turner & Hooch' episode five review: A stinky, disappointing tale

The fifth episode of the Disney+ Hotstar web series, Turner & Hooch, has dropped today. Titled Road to Smell Dorado, it's focused on a stinky Hooch (attacked by a skunk), who helps Scott Turner and Xavier solve a counterfeit currency case in the small town of El Dorado. This current episode also gave plenty of screen time to Sr. Turner's investigation. Here's our review.

About: This time, Turner-Hooch are not thrown out of any case

In the previous episodes, the K-9 unit has been kicked out of several cases due to Hooch's behavior. This time, they are all in, despite several obstacles like the pet's odor and Turner's date with Brooke. Even as Turner has everything in control at work, his love life gets complicated. He is in a love triangle and soon someone's heart is going to break.

Replacements: Looks like Turner has replaced old friends with new

Turner's best pal and work partner Jessica has been put on desk duty, as she's pregnant. So, the US Marshall has found a new companion, Xavier, who teamed up with Turner in the last episode. And looks like, Josh Peck's character has also replaced Erica's friendship with Brooke. In fact, Hooch too is seen bonding with Turner's ex-flame in episode-5. Poor "dog lady" Erica!

Performance: Lyndsy Fonseca playing Laura Turner was impressive on-screen

All the actors were just okay in today's episode, except Lyndsy Fonseca, who plays Turner's sister Laura (a veterinarian). From the beginning, Laura is shown to be engrossed in solving their late father's case. While Turner wasn't interested initially, Laura continued the investigation and got some good leads by now. In episode five, her acting skills are properly highlighted and it is quite impressive.

Verdict: The fifth episode was predictable and boring, gets 2 stars

Just when I thought this series is becoming interesting, the fifth episode ruined it. It was a stretched version of previous episodes with a predictable plotline. The makers need to be more creative, even Turner's father's investigation angle seems to have lost its grip that might have kept viewers hooked. Verdict: 2 stars (This is why one must not touch classic movies).

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