Turn old utensils in your kitchen to decor elements

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Turn old utensils in your kitchen to decor elements
Turn old utensils in your kitchen to decor elements

10 Sep 2021: Turn old utensils in your kitchen to decor elements

Be it small or big, open or closed, the kitchen will always have space constraints since old utensils keep on piling up. But we don't generally like to throw them away. In that case, why not turn those into beautiful tools for decoration? That's right! Instead of discarding, turn those dishes, cutlery items, or bowls into a good wind chime, fruit bowl, etc.

Tip 1: Spoons and forks can be turned into knobs, hangers

Start with the small ones: forks and spoons. Shape them in such a way that they form a web and you have your own silver bowl. You can keep fruits and/or other small items in it. You can also bend these so they become useful as hangers or holders. One can also try sticking spoons to cupboards to turn them into handles or knobs.

Tip 2: Paint the plates, dishes; stick them to your wall

The rolling pins you use for making rotis, parathas, or puris become rough after a while. They can be easily turned into towel holders. To hold them in place, nail down two holders, and your new towel holder is ready! Also, paint your plates and dishes with vibrant colors, and stick them to the walls to decorate any idle space in the house.

Tip 3: Tea cups, saucers, teapot could be your new garden utilities

When fancy new models arrive in the market, we usually replace our old teacups with those. If they are damaged, we throw them away. But, small plants in broken or old cups actually look pretty. For this, clean the cups and decorate those using paints, stickers, etc. Then plant saplings and see how your own kitchen garden takes shape in a few months.

More tips: Pour water in unused jars, place aromatic things inside

Old egg whisk beaters and rice strainers can be the new suspending lamps or wall lamps. Simply tie the beater upside down, and place a tealight inside. Strainers can also be glued to walls with lights arranged inside. If you have unused jars, pour water, add aromatic things to make room scents. Also, wrap small containers with jute clothes to use as cutlery baskets.

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