Tung Wah Charity Gala biggest performer cancels on appearance

11 Dec – Although he was originally scheduled to make his comeback at the 2019 Tung Wah Charity Gala, Master Kong Ng (Ng Kong) was a no-show during the broadcast of the said event last weekend.

As reported on AM730, despite previously confirming that he would be performing on stage for the first time in many years at the 7 December event, a source from TVB revealed that he had to cancel in the last minute due to an illness.

Kong had always been part of the Tung Wah Charity Gala in the past, having performed many dangerous stunts including breaking rocks with his back while lying on spears, smearing hot oil all over his body, and lying on his stomach while a vehicle is put on top of him.

However, the actor had since left showbiz and turned to the catering industry, and no longer appeared on the show and other variety programmes - that is until he confirmed his comeback last week.

It is also noted that aside from Kong's absence, this year's event also lacks the support from big stars except TVB artistes, with many saying that even the fundraising games were old and not as entertaining as previous years.

(Photo Source: Sina News)