Tudor Brings Its Daring Spirit To The World Of Professional Cycling With Fabian Cancellara

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Tudor Fabian Cancellara Cycling
Tudor Fabian Cancellara Cycling

Partnering with champion cyclist Fabian Cancellara, Tudor is bringing its daring spirit to the world of professional cycling.

Tanned, lean bodies jetting all over the world to pit themselves against their peers; professional cycling might seem glamorous but make no mistake, it is the purest expression of man and machine against the world.

Racing as many times as 120 days a year, that’s an average of once every three days, taking between two and seven hours to complete and sooner or later, a pro-cyclist will find themselves meeting the asphalt road or tarmac with nothing but raw skin as “armour”.

Suffice it to say, sport is brutal and it requires an undaunted, daring spirit. Partnering with cyclist Fabian Cancellara, the winner of multiple Olympic and World Championship titles, Tudor is charting a course that will impact many aspects of this sophisticated sport.

Tudor Fabian Cancellara
Tudor Fabian Cancellara

Nicknamed Spartacus, Cancellara dominated Swiss junior cycling and by the time he turned 19, he was placed second at the 2000 U-23 World Time Trial Championship. Cancellara who retired from cycling after the 2016 Olympic Games, where he won a second-time trial gold medal after previously triumphing in Beijing, will be leading Team Tudor.

Telling the “born to dare” philosophy through the lens of professional cycling is an effective analogy of the beauty apparent in melding of man and machine in pursuit of sportive excellence: at the core of the vision is a human-centric approach to cycling, a sport known for its punishing physical and psychological challenges.

Pedalling On

Tudor Fabian Cancellara Cycling
Tudor Fabian Cancellara Cycling

According to studies from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at Iranʼs University of Isfahan, injury data collected over a period of a year showed that professional cyclists sustained physical traumas at the rate of 1.2 per year ‒ with the most common injury types being abrasions (63%) from meeting the road, followed by contusions (23%) from crashing into other cyclists.

Suffice it to say, unlike motocross where the riders are wearing padded fire retardant suits, lycra isn’t exactly the best protection when professional cyclists can achieve a 45 mph (72 kmh) top speed using only raw power to propel themselves over the road. Cancellara himself has endured multiple, potentially career-ending injuries including fractures in the transverse processes of his lower vertebrae which would eventually be one of the recurring traumas that encouraged him to hang up his tights.

Talk about signature Tudor gumption. Guided by Fabian Cancellara, The Tudor Pro Cycling Team will develop a roster of skilled cyclists who embody these ideals, shared values and team spirit, going well beyond the current field of known competitors.

Performance is the ultimate measure of success, but how you get to the finish line matters just as much as when you get there. The sleek black jerseys of The Tudor Pro Cycling Team will be adorned with the iconic red shields on front and back, and though the focus will be on the athletes, their pursuit of success, and the road that lies ahead of them. Indeed, there will be no mistaking who this team is, who they ride for and the values they embody.

Tudorʼs Pro Cycling Team took to their saddles on May 15, 2022 for the ParisRoubaix U23 race and the team will continue to compete in the UCI Continental class for the remainder of the 2022 season, setting the tone for what lies ahead.

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