Tsui Siu Ming confirms help with Li Ching's funeral

13 Mar – Veteran actor-producer Tsui Siu Ming recently confirmed rumours that he will give some financial help in organising the funeral of the late '60s screen siren, Li Ching.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who appeared at the TV World 2018 press conference recently, shared that it was no big deal, and he was only trying to help his fellow colleague.

"I knew Li Ching back when I was still doing martial arts film. But we never actually worked together in the past. I was just doing my part," he said.

Tsui also stated that he was not involved in identifying the body, since only family members can do so, and has no clue as to when the funeral will be held.

"But I am grateful to Susan for what she is doing," he added, referring to actress Susan Shaw (Siu Yam Yam), who was the one who volunteered to manage Li Ching's funeral on behalf of the late actress' family.

It was also Susan who previously revealed that Tsui, alongside Brigitte Lin and Bak Sheut Sin will be financing the funeral.

Li Ching was found dead at her home in late February, following a report made by the security of her Quarry Bay residence.

(Photo source: Mingpao)