I tried all of Glossier's *brand new* G Suit lip crèmes so you don't have to

glossier g suit soft touch lip crème
Cosmo Hype Test: Glossier G Suit lip crèmesHearst Owned

All bets are on that when you think of Glossier, you picture lightweight, colourful formulas with a sheer, natural pay-off. I'm right, right? Though, I didn't doubt myself for a second...

Well, on the grounds of this, what if I told you the brand's latest launch goes against the latter and instead, is the first product in an opaque lip crème line? Screaming, crying, throwing up, much?

As ever, we are so here for it! I mean, IDK about you but their most-hyped products – the cloud paints, eyeliner pencils and balm dotcoms – are some of my makeup bag staples. And if that's anything to go by, we're sure both you and I will love the all-new nine shades of the G Suit Soft Touch Lip Crèmes, retailing at £18.

Side note: on first impressions, how cute are the baby pink packaging and chubby tubes?! Answer: very, very cute.

Of course, I had to swatch every shade myself to test whether or not the soft buttery formula does, in fact, have a demi-matte finish and opaque coverage in one swipe, as they claim. And just as I thought, they do.

glossier g suit soft touch lip crème
Left: Shade ’Jet’/Right: Shade ’Shift’Hearst Owned

FYI, the swatches in the above snaps were created with just one dip into the product's tube.

I also did a long-wear test, as y'do and after scoffing my face with some food (read: I am feral when it comes to a midday snack, so what), the striking colour that I was wearing, named 'Jet', had stayed put. Pigment, check ✅.

As for comfort, the only fair award would be a 10/10 review. Think the texture of suede but for your lips. Personally, I don't have a preference when it comes to the finish of a lip product; one day I could be cosplaying as Blair Waldorf with her iconic glossy pout and the other I'm in my 2014 King Kylie Tumblr era, rocking a matte (and overlined, duh) lip.

So, with that in mind (do with that information as you will), I wasn't sure how an in-between demi-matte formula would compare. Alas, my pessimism was well and truly revoked after feeling the effects of such hydrating ingredients including shea butter and black raspberry seed oil. Not a dry flake in sight.

From a purple tone to a true red hue and even fluorescent Barbiecore pink, there's a shade for everyone. Don't believe me? Just watch my TikTok video trying all below:

Call me a stan because I will forever be a #GlossierGirlie. Long may the brand continue to boom.

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