Treat mild ailments of your fido using these home remedies

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Treat mild ailments of your fido using these home remedies
Treat mild ailments of your fido using these home remedies

16 Sep 2021: Treat mild ailments of your fido using these home remedies

Doggies also have varying degrees of illnesses, just like us. While some can be treated at home, others need proper medical attention. To avoid spending your money unnecessarily, it is important to know when your pooch really needs to see a doctor. Don't panic if your dog just vomits or suffers from an upset tummy because they may be treated at home. Here's more.

#1: Clean their ears with apple cider vinegar

Pooches with long ears tend to accumulate more dirt inside their ears than others, which eventually leads to them being troubled with itching in the ears. What's the key? Apple cider vinegar! In a small mixing bowl, take equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water and prepare a solution. Dip cotton and clean their ears gently and thoroughly, but carefully. It will work!

#2: Citrus repels blood-sucking ticks and fleas

Imagine the plight of those dogs who have ticks and fleas attacking them repeatedly causing itchy skin that further leads to allergies. Citrus is known to repel these blood-sucking ticks and fleas. But how to use it? Squeeze some fresh juice of lemon or orange and rub it directly onto your pooch's fur. Repeat this and you will see there are no more insects.

#3: Treat their cold with these methods

When your dog suffers from a cold, try adding honey or coconut oil to their meals. This could help clear the bronchial passages and the antiviral and antibacterial properties in honey will combat the cold. Further, try keeping a diffuser near your dog with peppermint oil, lavender oil, etc. and this will help get rid of the blockage to reduce the effect of cold.

#4: Try yogurt to treat indigestion, better your dog's tummy

We know that yogurt cures digestive issues and also has other fabulous benefits. It works equally well for pooches. If your dog is suffering from an upset tummy, it could lead to serious problems such as loss of appetite, dehydration, and weakness. Infuse some portions of plain yogurt in every meal your dog takes and their upset digestion should return to normal soon.

#5: An oatmeal bath for skin infections

For treating general skin allergies, give your fido an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal comprises avenanthramides and phenols that have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, these compounds eliminate any mild skin condition your pooch is suffering from. Grind oatmeal into a fine powder and make a thin paste to apply on infected areas or add it to their bathtub and let your dog soak for about 10 mins.

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