Travis Kelce Just Showed Up at Taylor Swift's Show in Argentina!

Travis Kelce has officially arrived to watch Taylor Swift perform the Eras Tour in Argentina, and was spotted chilling in the tent reserved for her VIP guests on November 11.

Fans have been speculating that Travis would attend Taylor's tour this week thanks to the Chiefs being on their "Bye Week," which, for the uninitiated (aka me five minutes ago) is essentially a week-long break from the NFL. And in case you missed it, he and Taylor were spotted grabbing dinner in Buenos Aires last night!

Back in October, a source told Entertainment Tonight that "Travis and Taylor are all in. The two are very into each other and are enjoying their time together but are also planning for the future. Taylor starts her international tour in November, and Travis is planning to be there to spend time with her. Travis and Taylor are very serious about their careers, and the two bond over that and want to show support for each other whenever they can."

And actually, Travis' own brother Jason Kelce put him on the spot about his Bye Week plans during this week's New Heights podcast, asking if he had "anything you’re looking forward to going to?" Travis responded with "Not really. I might just say fuck it and just go somewhere nice, I don’t know. My skin’s getting real pale so I gotta go somewhere sunny," prompting Jason to ask "someplace south?” and then "south of the equator?" while Travis laughed.

FYI, Page Six reports that Travis "has to be back on Sunday for practice on Monday," so TBD on how many of Taylor's shows he'll be able to attend!

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