New travel tool will help long-distance couples find their sweet spot

A new flight tool will help long-distance couples find the cheapest place to meet

Long-distance couples and loved ones living apart in faraway places can use a new tool that will offer up suggestions on the most affordable ‘rendez-vous point' based on their locations. 

To use the new Rendezvous tool from Kayak, flyers enter two home cities and approximate flight dates. The tool will then produce destination suggestions that help couples and loved ones meet somewhere in the middle. 

For example, for cross-country lovers in New York and Los Angeles, the tool suggests meeting in cities like New Orleans, where couples can meet for USD $288 each in airfare, or Houston, where it will cost $255. 

The flight aggregator also revealed the top trending destinations for Valentine's Day this year, based on searches over the last six months for travel during Valentine's Day weekend February 14-17. 

Here are the top-trending destinations: 

1. San Juan (interest up 105%) 

2. Simpson Bay, St. Maarten (interest up 78%) 

3. St.Thomas (interest up 39%) 

4. Barcelona (interest up 36%) 

5. Mexico City (interest up 28%) 

6. New Orleans (interest up 25%) 

7. Key West (interest up 25%) 

8. Bahamas (interest up 19%) 

9. Punta Cana (interest up 18%) 

10. Lisbon (interest up 15%)