Get transported to the Caribbean with these 10 refreshingly unique mojito recipes

unique mojito recipes from all over the world frozen coconut shake mojito
unique mojito recipes from all over the world frozen coconut shake mojito

From holding the title of Cuba’s signature cocktail to being a bartender’s worst nightmare at peak hours – mojitos have an unconventional reputation in the world of mixology. That said, there’s definite consensus on its flavour – refreshing and delicious. This weekend, however, we’re switching things up from the usual mint-lime-rum routine with a few unique mojito recipes.

Pop by a bar in any city across the world and there’s a good chance you’ll spot mojito on the menu. In fact most bartenders already have its recipe down pat – often with their own little twist to the mix. Many attest to the fact that although the sipper is refreshing and sweet, the process of muddling the mint – an integral step – can take forever, especially during the peak happy hour period.

Despite this, the highball drink – whose origins can be traced back to Cuba during the Prohibition Era – it continues to be a popular bar order. And legend has it that the novelist Ernest Hemingway would often opt for one while vacationing on the tropical island. At its heart, a mojito is a simple blend of potent rum, lime juice, sugarcane, and mint. However, some good old-fashioned human curiosity and intelligent experimentation by chefs, mixologists, and bartending enthusiasts have produced unique renditions that are worth a shot (pun intended). Here’s our pick of the most exciting mojito recipes.

Mojito recipes: Add a twist to cocktail hour with these delights

Frozen Strawberry Kiwi Mojito Recipe

Dialling up the refreshing factor of a mojito by several notches, this recipe calls for rum, simple syrup, frozen strawberries, mint, and kiwi slices. Best described as an afternoon drink that’s perfect for a fun, laidback spa or a pool party – each sip is fruity, tangy, and minty. Best part? It’s easy on the eyes as well. If you’re hosting a get-together with this cocktail on the menu, add a bit of flair to your creation by garnishing with fruits and mint.

Coconut Mojito

Giving Tiki drinks a refreshing makeover is this rum cocktail, which will require you to grab limes, mint, coconut cream, club soda, and rum, on your next grocery run. Muddle the mint and lime in a shaker well to really extract their flavours before combining them with the other ingredients. And let’s not forget – nothing beats some good quality ice when it comes to cocktails. Top with club soda for some effervescence and you’ve got yourself the quintessential Caribbean summer drink.

Blueberry Mojito

Popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor knows a thing or two about boozy libations. And while this particular rendition seems to miss out on the rum, you’d need just about 60ml of the white spirit to complete the recipe – which also calls for blueberries, fresh mint, lemon, caster sugar, ice cubes, and lemon-flavoured soda. Muddle all the ingredients together and top with ice and soda, and you’ll get a berry delicious cocktail that’ll earn you more than a few compliments at any gathering.

Champagne Mojito Recipe

From one popular chef to another – we’re taking cues from British culinary sensation Jamie Oliver this time for cocktail hour. Officially called the royal mojito, this recipe calls for white rum, lime, brown sugar syrup, ice, and mint. Muddle the ingredients and top with some sparkling wine or champagne for a bubbly, citrusy concoction that will bring the ubiquitous mimosa to its knees.

Chilli Mojito

Spicing up this round-up is this unusual yet delicious mojito that pairs well with Mexican cuisine. For starters, line the rim of your cocktail glass with chillies, lime juice, and sugar. Then, muddle red jalapenos, mint, lime juice, and ice to draw out their flavours before topping it all up with white rum and seltzer water (tonic works just as well). This one packs a punch in every sip so be sure to taste test often and adjust ingredient ratios accordingly. Garnish with chillies for a fiery oomph.

Cucumber Green Tea Mojito

Who said you couldn’t get your daily dose of superfoods when drinking? This green tea and cucumber rendition is refreshing and offers antioxidants with every sip. You’ll need to grab rum, limes, mint, green tea, lime wedges, cucumbers, sugar, water, and club soda to whip this one up. The best part? It looks as good as it tastes! Give this one a go when you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.

Mango Mojito

Transporting you straight to a private beach on a tropical island is this delicious mango cocktail. You’ll need to grab white rum, soda water, simple syrup, mango puree, lime juice, mango chunks, mint, and lime wedges for this one. Simply muddle the fruit with citrus and mint well before topping with syrup, ice, rum, and puree. Experiment with your garnishes and cocktail glass if you’re hosting a party to really take things up a notch.

Watermelon Mojito

Reminiscent of breezy summer days, this watermelon cocktail is a must-try. You’ll need to stock up on watermelon, limes, fresh mint, sugar syrup, salt, lemon juice, and drinking soda for this one. While the recipe above is alcohol-free, those who want a boozy rendition can simply add rum to the mix. You could also switch the drinking soda for other similar aerated beverage, depending on how sweet you’d like the cocktail to be. Don’t forget to invest in some quality ice for the perfect sip.

Thai Lemongrass Mojito

We’re rounding out this list with a must-try cocktail that captures the culinary beauty of Thailand in a cocktail glass. You’ll need white rum, lemongrass, sugar, coriander, mint, ginger ale, and ice to whip this one up. Don’t forget to muddle and bruise the lemongrass to allow the aroma and flavour to really come through. The complementary ingredients sing in every sip. Garnish with more lemongrass and quirky straws to add to the fun.

And there you have it – a range of unique, fun rum cocktails that’ll ensure you’re the talk of any party you host. Besides, they’re lovely additions to any budding bartender’s repertoire. Cheers!

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