Translating Noise to Music: How GeoMike122 Does It

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People often mistake ordinary sounds for noise. Whether it’s the splashing sounds of the waves, the creaking sound of a closing door, the popping sounds of firecrackers, and the clunking sound from the car when going over bumps, people encounter common sounds that are either left unheard or referred to as noise. This makes GeoMike122 different from the rest—a genius in music-making and a natural talent in the music industry.

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Born Michael Ciolino on January 22, 1986, in Westwood, New Jersey, GeoMike122 is a music artist taking the sound pop album to the next level. With the use of sound elements and beats, he creates world-class tracks that bring a new sound to typical pop music. GeoMike122’s masterpieces are distinct from typical pop music. Using a mix of lyrical and instrumental music, GeoMike122 catches the attention of his listeners through the creative use of common noises heard in daily life.

GeoMike122 takes advantage of his Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in making catchy music. For him, the world is filled with millions of noises which many do not usually notice. Having a heightened sense of hearing allows him to make the best out of what is already there. By noticing sounds that are usually left unheard, GeoMike122 begins their creative process, first making the beat and then singing or writing over the music.

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Utilizing his unique capacities on sound and natural talents in music, GeoMike122 has already introduced revolutionary albums to the music industry. Garnering over 210,000 streams on Spotify alone as of September 17, 2021, GeoMike122 is set to turn the music industry upside down. They are ready to release Michael Ciolino on October 22, 2021, and fans await the coming of the next top-charted tracks.

On his first album, Michael Ciolino, fans and new listeners alike are introduced with the instrumental track “Tiempo,” using sound elements of waves and thunder. The introduction itself sets the mood, exciting listeners as to how the rest of the music will go. The next track on the album is “Above.” Inspired by his favorite artist, Madonna, GeoMike122 utilized violins, electronic beats, and a style of vocals that gives the song a special vibe.

GeoMike122 believes that traveling is a key element to his success in making music. For him, “Traveling opens your eyes to new landscapes, foods, cultures, and people.” Discovering such would lead to a discovery of the world, and a discovery of the world would result in a piece of heartfelt music. All of GeoMike122’s life experiences can be felt in his music, which is why through his tracks, GeoMike122 connects a part of his life to his fans.

GeoMike122’s journey in the music industry has only just begun, but with their unique presentation of sound pop music, people instantly await their albums and tracks, and fans will unhesitantly line up to hear his new tracks as Michael Ciolino drops.

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