Tracy Ip reminds female fans to be wary of CCTV

17 Jul - Tracy Ip recently went on Facebook to remind the ladies to remain wary of the presence of CCTVs wherever they go to avoid unwanted incidents.

As reported on Mingpao, the former beauty queen recently shared her own experience while changing her clothes for an advertisement shoot. Tracy shared that she has always been very careful when it comes to changing her clothes for work purposes, and will look around the place set as the changing room.

The actress said that while she was changing her clothes inside a room of the photography studio, she saw a video camera on the upper part of the wall. Tracy hurried out the room to ask a staff about the camera, and was told that the camera is not being used.

Unsatisfied with the answer, Tracy asked to see the recording to ensure that it is unused as the staff said. However, she was told that the owner of the studio has gone out and that she will have to return at night to see it, if she is still adamant about the issue.

Tracy said that her husband also came to the set to understand the situation further. But after assuring themselves that the studio would never record her using a camera that was clearly hanging on the wall, and getting a letter from the studio reassuring that they would never do such a thing, she finally let the issue go.

Tracy said that while her husband has also teased her about the whole issue, she has been in the entertainment industry long enough to know her right and make sure that she will not make any mistakes pertaining to her privacy.

The actress said that she has heard of fellow female celebrities experiencing such situation before, and thus remind all her female fans to be careful and wary of voyeurism.

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