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National Express launches Toys Reunited initiative with 'Toy Story 4'

Working with Disney UK, the UK’s largest coach operator has released a series of photographs depicting the adventures of these lost toys with the ultimate aim of reuniting the toys with their young owners.

'Toy Story 4' teams up with National Express to reunite lost toys with their owners

Tom Butler
Senior Editor

Is there anything sadder than a lost toy? National Express, the UK’s largest coach operator, certainly doesn’t think so as it’s teamed up with Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 4 in a bid to reunite cuddly toys from their lost & found department with their long lost owners.

They’ve commissioned British toy photographer Chris Rose to create a series of beautiful images that show the lost toys having Toy Story-style adventures to make the images more shareable and help get the pictures seen.

Lost toys have always played a huge part in the Toy Story films, and 4 is no exception. You can find out more when it lands in cinemas on 21 June.

Anyone who recognises one of the toys can get in touch with National Express by emailing toysreunited@nationalexpress.com and stating which journey the toy was lost on.

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