New in town: Yevolution — Traditional desserts served in real coconut husks in CBD

The opening of new dessert stores and coconut craze have been on a rise, and Yevolution has created a multidimensional burst of flavours with its opening.

Like how coconut is called “ye zi” in Chinese, Yevolution has made a name of its own by curating its own specialty dessert store— focusing on all things coconut. Situated in the CBD, they are located at the air-conditioned stretch of Far East Square, ensuring that you’re served chilly refreshing desserts as an energiser to respite from the heat!

Yevolution 1

Its site is in a relatively small space, but dine-in is still an available option as their seats are located along the aisles of the mall.

Most of you will find yourselves gravitating to their signature dessert, the Coconut Panna Cotta. Served in a brown coconut husk with its branding ironed on it, this dessert is made of fresh pandan coconut panna cotta, handmade toppings and fresh fruits.

They have a big spectrum of available options, from a revamped version of our local favourite desserts, orh nee and mango sago, to some that include the king of fruits, durian! Yevolution prides itself on infusing rich flavours with their freshest Thai pandan coconuts for refreshing desserts that you can relish.

Yevolution 2

The obvious crowd-pleaser is Yummy Yammi CPC Mochi (S$8.60), which features a luxurious dollop of yam puree served on top of the coconut panna cotta and a generous portion of chewy mochi inside the husk.

Yevolution 3

The durian version however, is definitely the one that caught my eye. Can you imagine durian and coconut infused together? Generous with their scoops, the Durian Fantastic Coconut Panna Cotta (S$13), has real D24 flesh on top. They definitely created an amazing flavour infusion with this creation, as the slight bitter notes will pair well with coconut goodness.

Alternatively, you could also get beverages at Yevolution. Similar to all bubble tea stores, the beverages are segmented into different series: Coconut Shakes, Coconut Caffe Lattes, and many others.

A perfect dessert for Singapore’s relentless heat, it’s definitely a must-try for locals and tourists!

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