New in town: Yakoolzuna — Muslim-owned cafe with Yakult slushies and mocktails in flavours like Ondeh Ondeh and Bubblegum

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If you are in search of a Muslim-friendly spot in Bugis to quench your thirst, the newly-opened Yakoolzuna has got you covered. Specialising in Yakult-based drinks like slushies and mocktails, Yakult lovers will surely be satisfied.

The Muslim-owned Yakoolzuna started out as a home-based business and previously had a booth at the SOUQ Bazaar during the Ramadan period. On 2 July 2022, they officially opened their first physical outlet along Arab Street.

yakoolzuna - slushies

Yakoolzuna’s Yakult-based Slushies, priced at S$7 each, come in four enticing flavours. The OG is made with lemon and lime while Sakura Blossom consists of a blend of berries. Babuyega, on the other hand, is bubblegum-flavoured, and Oni Ondeh is inspired by the popular traditional snack, ondeh ondeh.

Meanwhile, Yakoolzuna’s Yakult-based Mocktails are priced at S$8.50 each. Flavours include the fizzy peach-flavoured Peachy Sunrise, Sweet Paradise, made with  raspberry and mint, Blood Moon, which contains dragonfruit, Gold Rush, made with pineapples and Red Bull, and Dirty Pop, which is a fizzy strawberry and orange drink.

yakoolzuna - its my birthday mocktail

They also have non-Yakult mocktails, such as It’s My Birthday! (S$11), an indulgent chocolatey drink topped with whipped cream, and Gold Mine (S$8.50), consisting of pineapple and Red Bull.

Yakoolzuna even has a shots menu, with drinks like C.I.M (S$6 for 1 shot, S$30 for 6 shots), which stands for “chocolate all up in your mouth”, and Y-Bomb (S$7 for 1 shot, S$35 for 6 shots), which is their version of the famous J-Bomb shot.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for alcohol-free refreshments to cool down while wandering around Bugis, or whether you’re in search of a nice cafe to hang out with your friends and family, why not pay Yakoolzuna a visit?

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