New In Town: Si Hai Zhen Restaurant Peranakan touch on zi char

On 6 Nov, Si Hai Zhen Restaurant officially opened its doors on Upper Thomson Road. As the name implies, they have a variety of seafood like crab and sotong. That said, the restaurant also offers several zi char dishes as well, some with a Peranakan twist. 

Si Hai Zhen Restaurant - shop front

The owner, a Malaysian PR, arrived in Singapore way back in Aug 2008. He had previously worked at Kimly Zi Char, located on Pasir Ris Drive. At a friend’s recommendation, he decided to open his own restaurant. With the help of a partner, he has managed to make his dream a reality.

Si Hai Zhen Restaurant - spring roll
Credit – Si Hai Zhen Restaurant

The menu bears distinct hints of his Chinese Malaysian heritage. The owner explains that the handmade Signature Deep Fried Springroll (S$10 for Small, S$15 for Medium, S$20 for Large) is based on Nonya flavours. 

Si Hai Zhen Restaurant - fish head
Credit – Si Hai Zhen Restaurant

He is even planning to include more Peranakan-inspired dishes. Like his newly released Nonya Steamed Fish Head (S$28) dish. Some of his early bird customers have already given him positive feedback. A few even called it their favourite. 

Si Hai Zhen Restaurant pumpkin sauce
Credit – Si Hai Zhen Restaurant

If you’re looking for food with a more golden touch, why not try Si Hai Zhen’s Braised Crispy Enoki Mushroom with Beancurd (S$12 for Small, S$15 for Medium, S$18 for Large). The beancurd is made of soya milk and topped with a beautiful pumpkin sauce. 

Si Hai Zhen Restaurant - chicken
Credit – Si Hai Zhen Restaurant

Another eye-pleasing dish is the Signature Double-flavoured Golden Dragon Chicken (S$22 for half, S$32 for the whole).

Si Hai Zhen Restaurant - seafood
Credit – Si Hai Zhen Restaurant

They also have seafood like their Salted Egg Sotong (S$15 for Small, S$20 for Medium, S$30 for Large), and Wok-fried Black Pepper Crab. You may have to ask about the latter as the cost is based on market prices

With the year ending, we’re only a few months away from 2024’s Chinese New Year. Perhaps you could consider Si Hai Zhen as your pick for the reunion dinner. 

Or, if you don’t need the occasion to be special, just drop by. What more of a reason do you need than just feeling peckish for some seafood and zi char?

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