New in town: Salsa & curry unite at Michelin-starred Chef Gaggan Anand’s Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh

Chef Gaggan Anand had a too-short residency at the Mandala Club in the middle of 2022 but he’s apparently been bitten by the Singapore bug. Opening at 43 Craig Road on 24 October 2022, Ms Maria & Mr Singh SG is the first foray of his hugely popular restaurant outside of Thailand.

gaggan anand - logo
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As you may be able to tell from the logo and accompanying restaurant imagery, the brand revolves around a (supposedly?) fictional tale of love between an Indian boy and a Mexican girl.

gaggan anand - counter seats
Credit – Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh Singapore

Marrying two very dynamic cuisines is a bold approach but one that diners evidently love. Despite the vast geographical chasm, both cultures do share many of the same ingredients and preparation techniques, which allows the syncretism to flourish.

If this surprisingly pleasant union of diverse gastronomical traditions does not pique your curiosity, perhaps you may be lured by Anand’s renowned Michelin-recognised dishes at an affordable price. Everything on the menu will cost under S$32.

gaggan anand - crab curry
Credit – Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh Singapore

One of those is Gaggan’s Crab Curry (S$18), which has delectable crab meat immersed in a coriander- and coconut-based curry that alludes to its Thai roots. Keeping the local palate in mind, Anand has dreamed up Pork Vindaloo Tacos (2 pcs) (S$14). Here, Goan-style pork masala is showered with Mozzarella cheese and drenched in pineapple salsa before being wrapped in a flour tortilla.

gaggan anand - Mango Yuzu Snowball
Credit – Ms. Maria & Mr. Singh Singapore

Anand’s Mango Yuzu Snowball (S$24) has to be the pick of the desserts; just the sight of the smooth, yellow scoop of yuzu ice-cream topped with white chocolate and served alongside chopped Alphonso mango is a wonder to behold.

Keen to be a part of this intercontinental love affair? You can make reservations here.

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