New in town: Saffron Malaysia — Scooping up mouthwatering Persian saffron & rose ice cream at Kedai KL

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It’s hot outside. Naturally all you want is a cooling scoop or two of ice cream. But why settle for your everyday flavours? Instead, take a trip to the Middle East. Have you heard of Saffron Malaysia, a new Persian inspired ice cream shop located at Kedai KL, Mahsa Avenue?

Saffron Malaysia - store front

The newly-launched Saffron Malaysia offers patrons a choice between their premium Persian saffron ice cream or rose ice cream. Or you can always get the best of both worlds by getting a mix of the saffron ice cream and rose ice cream.

Saffron Malaysia - saffron ice cream

To ensure a delicious sweet treat, Saffron Malaysia sources its premium saffron sourced all the way from the northern Khorasan Province in Iran which has 100% purity. Fun fact, a kilo of this beautiful red spice retails at a whopping RM10,000. Hence why Iranian saffron’s nickname is ‘red gold’. Add this delicate spice into ice cream and what’s the result? A gorgeous bright golden hue! And to further elevate the luxurious, creamy flavours, Saffron Malaysia offers its patron a choice between pistachio, walnut, almond and rose flower.

What about their rose ice cream? Saffron Malaysia ensures only the best quality for its patrons— as its made 100 percent from rose extract. This refreshing treat is then topped with a generous sprinkle of chopped almonds for a tasty crunch. The ice cream parlour also ensures that no added flavouring or colouring are used in the production of their ice creams.

Given the all-year round tropical weather in Malaysia, we don’t really need an excuse to indulge in ice-cream at all. So head on over to the second floor of Kedai KL at Mahsa Avenue today. You just might find yourself adding a new ice cream flavour to your dessert list.

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