New in town: RIANG — A casual dining concept with fusion of amazing flavours at Serangoon

Opened within the perimeters of Serangoon, RIANG is a brand new casual dining concept that exists along the roads of Jalan Riang. Uncanny.

Helmed by the people behind The Brewing Ground at Joo Chiat Place, RIANG serves to provide a place of comfort through dining for everyone from all walks of Singapore. The new cafe is situated right where Babba was originally located, taking over the Peranakan cafe that once grasped at a cool new concept.

RIANG - Interior Space
Credit – RIANG

RIANG’s interior space is filled with beams of natural light that provide you with your daily dose of vitamin D. Once in, their extensive menu expands to sunrise and sunset hours, with its Brunch menu available up till 4.30pm. Get ready for a long list of foods that cater to every single taste bud!

RIANG - crab mayo croissant
Credit – RIANG

Interesting takes on our usual breakfast favourites are Crab Mayo Croissant (S$18) and the Homemade Quiche (S$10), so you can expect to be excited to indulge in a taste of Japanese seafood flavours during brunch hour. The croissant’s flakey exterior complements the silky creaminess of the crab meat and scrambled egg mayonnaise.

Moving on to their Sunset menu. They offer a hybrid of flavours, which is inspired by Asian overtones and does do not follow through with just one singular culture.

RIANG - curry leaf pesto farfelle
Credit – RIANG

One of which is the Curry-Leaf Pesto Farfelle (S$18). Coated with fragrant curry leaves and toasted cashews, this dish is inspired by Singaporean and Italian flavours, and aims to present a slight twist on the classic pesto pasta.

RIANG - Duroc pork belly
Credit – RIANG

The Duroc Pork Belly (S$16) is said to melt in one’s mouth. The cooks sous vide the meat for over 12 hours, finishing it with a homemade honey glaze that is charred with a blowtorch.

Salivate over their all-day desserts, which range from the Poached Pear Tarte Tatin (S$14) to the Chocolate Passion (S$12). Intricately decorated and piped, their desserts brings a whole new level of class and decadence.

Bid goodbye to the old and say hi to the new. Welcome to the Serangoon family, RIANG!

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