New in town: Mum Daughter Kitchen – Home-based business turned hawker selling nasi padang at Chinatown Complex

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Back in mid-2020, the owner of Mum Daughter Kitchen, Mrs. Jahan, got an idea from her mother to start selling nasi padang through Instagram. Back then, it was only a home-based business. On 2 July 2022, the Muslim-owned business has transitioned to a physical hawker stall at Chinatown Complex.

mum daughter kitchen - stall front
Credit – Mum Daughter Kitchen

Although the stall’s name is Mum Daughter Kitchen, Mrs. Jahan’s mum does not get involved with the cooking at all. Together with her husband, Mr. Clarence (who has over 20 years of experience in the food industry), the couple work together to manage the stall. In case you guys are wondering whether a Muslim-owned stall will do well in Chinatown, I’m glad to share that their regular customers are mostly Chinese— I’d be one of them too if I live near that area!

Mrs. Jahan’s rempah is labour-intensive and no shortcuts are taken— she even removes every single seed of her dry chillies by hand. Now that’s what I call dedication! The produced rempah is the perfect base for all of the yummy dishes that they offer.

During breakfast timings from 8.30am onwards, Mum Daughter Kitchen will be serving their Lontong With Bergedil And Sambal Egg (S$5)— their bergedil is made from scratch, no factory nonsense! Their Lunch will be served from 11.30am till sold out (refer to their Instagram page for daily updates on their operational hours to avoid disappointment)— they usually sell out by 3pm.

mum daughter kitchen - dishes in bain marie
Credit – Mum Daughter Kitchen

Their signature dishes include Fish Berlado and Fish Curry (both at S$3 for medium & S$5 for large), Sotong Hitam (S$5) and Chicken Lemak Chilli (S$2.50).

Currently, they are fine-tuning the logistics of getting their delivery platform up and running, so that you’ll be able to enjoy their nasi padang at the comfort of your own home.

mum daughter kitchen - closeup of dishes
Credit – Mum Daughter Kitchen

The next time I’m heading to Chinatown complex, Mum Daughter Kitchen’s nasi padang will be on my makan list for sure!

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