New in town: Madly Good – Madly in love with good French toast

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The heatwave in Singapore has gotten worse recently. Thank goodness for dessert! Madly Good opened their second branch at The Clementi Mall on 29 May 2022, with an extended menu full of sweet treats.

They are famous for their waffles and have now expanded their menu to include items such as French toast. All of their French toasts are made from Brioche bread, which is considered more rich than normal toast due to extra eggs, butter and sugar.

Of course, their French toast is different from the usual ones— it has a little pizzazz.

A picture of berries and cream French toast
Credit – Madly Good

Berries & Cream French toast (S$17.50), as the name suggests, has both berries and whipped cream. It contains strawberries and blueberries, and maple syrup and strawberry sauce are drizzled onto the French toast. Paired with a scoop of mixed berries sorbet, the refreshing taste of berries will help to lighten the denseness of maple syrup.

A picture of speculoos cookie French toast
Credit – Madly Good

Speculoos cookie French toast (S$18.50) is another of their new dishes. You know that cookie butter sauce you always get at yoghurt stores? This is that exact cookie. The sweet, gooey cinnamon sauce will definitely leave one craving for more. Additionally, Madly Good makes their Speculoos sauce themselves.

Topped with caramelised banana, lotus cookie and biscoff crumbs, this French toast will definitely be a hit with the customers. It is accompanied with a scoop of yoghurt Speculoos gelato. This will definitely be interesting, as I have never heard of yoghurt-flavoured Speculoos before.

A picture of Nutella and s'mores French toast
Credit – Madly Good

Last but not least, we have Nutella & S’mores French toast (S$18.50) – the classic combination of homemade Nutella sauce, chocolate balls, chocolate rasps and marshmallows. To top it off, it is served with a scoop of dark chocolate gelato. The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate will balance out the sweet Nutella sauce, giving a well-rounded taste to each bite.

While this may be too sweet for one to finish on their own, it will be perfect for sharing with a friend while chatting over a plate of delectable French toast.

Of course, the full menu carries other items such as croffles (croissant and waffle) and crepes. If you are in the mood for dessert, do come down to check out Madly Good. You may just fall Madly in love with their Good French toast.

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