New in town: Lumbre – A fire-y Spanish lunch at la casa

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CHIJMES has many great restaurants, and another addition to their repertoire is Lumbre, a restaurant serving modern Spanish cuisine. Having opened in mid-May 2022, they are ready to serve up contemporary Spanish specialities in small plates and grilled dishes.

Lumbre, in Spanish, means “fire that is usually related to the hearth of the home”, where loved ones gather in front of the fire to enjoy its warmth and the warmth of family. Thus, the goal of Lumbre is to make you feel like you’re eating food right at home in la casa.

A picture of the interior of the restaurant
Credit – Lumbre

The restaurant has many woody tones, resembling the kindling used to fuel the flames of the fireplace.

A picture of Charcoal Octopus & Iberico Pork Belly with Chorizo Foam
Credit – Lumbre

One starter that caught my eye is the Charcoal Octopus & Iberico Pork Belly with Chorizo Foam (S$38).

The octopus is slow-cooked in sea water, then charcoal grilled with olive oil so that the outside has a nice char while the inside is still tender, giving one the perfect bite.

Paired together with crispy pork belly, it is plated on a bed of chorizo foam, which gives a salty and spicy kick to the dish.

A picture of Fideua 'Arroz Caldoso' with Calamari and Smoked Eel
Credit – Lumbre

One of the stars of the main course is Seafood Wet Fideua Arroz Caldoso’ (S$48).

Not only is the title a mouthful, but the dish also guarantees a mouthful of flavour. Fideua is like paella, except instead of rice, pasta noodles are used, which is interesting as I have never eaten paella cooked with pasta noodles before. Calamari and smoked eel are simmered in tomato sauce and seafood stock, and it’s served in a casserole.

While the price tag is on the higher side, Lumbre is currently having a promotion. From now till 18 June 2022, customers are able to enjoy 20% off all food menu items. Therefore, one can indulge in the exquisite Spanish cuisine while feeling less guilty.

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