New in town: La Forêt— Floral-themed dessert cafe offering elegant desserts prepared meticulously

I am sure many of those who frequent aesthetic cafes would have come across Cafe de Nicole’s Flower and Le Jardin, both cafes marrying the love for gorgeous blooms and decadent meals. La Forêt comes close to what they offer: a picturesque setup of a floral-themed space and a dreamy space away to get lost in the moment. Now presented with floral tricklings, it has opened at one-north.

Le Foret 1

You know they’ve really subscribed to the whole floral theme when their walkway is also decked with pastel floral garlands. A weave of white, pink and blue dried flowers are intertwined into the U-shape poles, as it umbrellas over us as we walk through it — creating a whole whimsical experience. They literally have flowers everywhere, so you’ll be able to find gorgeous flower domes ready for the ‘gram!

It honestly reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, especially when Alice enters the beautiful garden.

La Foret 2

Once you take a step in, you’d be greeted by the 360 degree floral decor hung on high ceilings, creating an exquisite allure. This space does not only work as a cafe, but works as an event space as well. So those looking out for wedding-related event spaces can consider utilising the whole gorgeous set-up without worrying about purchasing props to create your own dream wedding.

La Foret 3

Now onto the food: they offer only one Set menu for two. Pair up with a friend for a lovely tea session as you bond over a pot of tea, four desserts, two canapés and a set of petite desserts. At a pricier side of things, this set costs S$98, but I believe that you’re paying for the quality that you’re given.

The sweets are named after different flowers: Peony, Foret, Poppy and Camelia. The Foret would probably stand out the best for me because of its salted caramel and almond tart, with Bahibe 46% ganache glazed on top of the pastry. On the other hand, a refreshing option is the Camelia, which sounds amazing with the intricate nuances of gin and yuzu flavours in a nutty hazelnut tart.

As for the savoury options, they have a refreshing tomato kueh pie tee, as well as an egg-mayo sandwich.

Furthermore, La Forêt’s pastries are delicately helmed by patisserie chef Susanne Eng, who graduated with a professional certification of pastry making in France.

While they might only offer the set menus for now, the cafe is gearing up for more a la carte options.

Head on down for an immersive floral aesthetic experience as well as a sweet treat with your friends! And for those who wander, the sister brand Under Der Linden is also next door, offering lunch options.

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