New in Town: Konoha Izakaya, Potong Pasir — Singapore’s first anime bistro is sure to animate your tastebuds

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Themed restaurants are in and this one is toon good to be true!

Anime fans in Singapore, it’s our time to nerd out while eating good food in a fun-themed atmosphere! Konoha Izakaya, Singapore’s first Anime Bistro, houses a creative concept that is impossible to ignore. Everything from the anime-decorated walls to the Naruto-inspired memorabilia on the counters easily summon your inner Naruto Uzumaki, even if you’ve never watched anime in your life!

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As for the best part… the food! This unique bistro offers an interesting and creative menu. Their signature dish Ichiraku Ramen (S$14.80) must definitely be in on your try-list. This is a combination of a tonkotsu miso-based broth with Naruto fish cakes, chashu and an egg. Just a taste of it and you’ll understand why Naruto couldn’t resist it. Or, you could have a taste of the Ichiraku Tonkotsu Ramen (S$22) which comes with a side dish of crispy pork tonkatsu.

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What’s more? They have special, memorable dishes such as the Torched Shime Saba (S$13.50) and Takoyaki (S$6.50) which are reasonably priced, and worth the dig-in.

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Also on the menu at the anime bistro is the popularised A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribcap (S$35) which is more of an experience than a meal. The steak is out of the ordinary, and the fat inside the meat packs divine taste and juiciness to a punch.

Other dishes worth trying out while there are the Chuka Kurage and Potato Salad. For a twin experience of these beloved dishes, opt for the Konoha Sanin Experience (S$68) and feast on!

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