New in town: Jeong’s Jjajang serving legit Korean jjajangmyeon in a kopitiam

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We are so blessed that kopitiams are becoming less mundane by introducing new kinds of food and cuisines to our local communities. Jeong’s Jjajang is such an example, setting foot at Bukit Merah Central on 2 June 2022.

jeong's jjajang - stall front
Credit – Jeong’s Jjajang

Jeong’s Jjajang first started out as a cloud kitchen concept at JTC Space @ Tampines North back in May 2021. Then, the focus was mainly on deliveries and takeaways. Due to the lease ending and countless requests from their regulars to have a physical dine-in space, they have finally moved into a kopitiam stall.

jeong's jjajang - jjajangmyeon
Credit – Jeong’s Jjajang

The owner, Mr Jeong Jun Seong, is a native Korean from Daegu who spent a huge part of his career cooking in Seoul. He offers three signature dishes at his stall which are Jjajangmyeon (S$8), Jjampong (S$10) and Tangsuyuk (S$12). The noodles for the Jjamppong and Jjajangmyeon are handmade from scratch by Mr Jeong, and are cooked on the spot when orders are coming in— that’s what I call dedication and no shortcuts!

jeong's jjajang - jjamppong
Credit – Jeong’s Jjajang

For those who prefer rice over noodles, Mr Jeong also offers Jjampong Rice (S$11) and Kimchi Fried Rice (S$9). After the move to Bukit Merah, he decided to bring back his Seafood Pancake (S$10) and Kimchi Pancake (S$10) which are popular with Singaporeans. They were previously removed at their Tampines cloud kitchen, as he could not cope with the production alone.

Jeong's jjajang - fried dumplings
Credit – Jeong’s Jjajang

For self-proclaimed connoisseurs of fried food like myself, you can look forward to their Fried Dumplings (S$5 for 6) and Tangsuyuk— Korean version of sweet and sour pork.

With such a diverse selection of Korean cuisine cooked by a native chef, don’t you wanna head down to Bukit Merah Central to curb your Korean food cravings at Jeong’s Jjajang?

I am already adding this place to my makan list!

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