New in town: Ethan My Prawn Noodles — Prawn noodles backed with a heritage and experience at Amoy St Food Centre

Newly-opened Ethan My Prawn Noodles will be serving classic prawn noodles from 18 Mar 2023 at Amoy Street Food Centre.

Prawn noodles have always been a Singaporean dish, and I’ll always have fond memories of it. Having to wake up on an early weekend just for a bowl of piping hot prawn mee was a family tradition during my primary school days, and I remember how that aromatic broth and thick noodles often acted as an amazing wake-up call.

Ethan My Prawn Noodles — Storefront

Ethan My Prawn Noodles has a story of its own as well. Founders Ethan and Gina built this stall to carry on the traditions of Ethan’s grandparents and continue the prawn noodle legacy. Having constructed 3 businesses before this, there is no doubt that this stall would be handled with the best hands!

Ethan My Prawn Noodles — Baking with Gina
Ethan My Prawn Noodles — Baking with Gina

One of their businesses is a home-based baking business, Baking With Gina. Focusing on mainly sourdough items, Gina’s mission was to provide healthier options for folks. The business was even featured on multiple news sites, which further shared this couple’s story.

Now, they move towards a new F&B venture, Ethan My Prawn Noodles, which offers a choice of either soup or dry prawn noodles, along with further options between 3 different selections of noodles. The 3 types are the classics: yellow noodle, thick vermicelli, and kway teow.

A rather intriguing fact is that they have a differentiation between the Signature Dry Prawn Noodles (S$9.50) and the regular Dry Prawn Noodles (S$6.50), and same goes for the soup ones. With a S$3 difference, it is tricky to see what exactly is the difference online, but we suppose it might have something to do with the ingredients added.

Ethan My Prawn Noodles — Signature Dry Prawn Noodle

However, their dry prawn noodles are one of a kind! Ethan My Prawn Noodles tosses their dry noodles to coat them in a homemade chilli sauce, adding their unique own flavour to the noodles. Look at that intense colour— it is sure to please the spice chasers out there.

To the Singaporeans who usually camp at Amoy Street Food Centre, there is now another stall to try out on your next visit. With a rich history packed with memories and experience, there is bound to be a queue for these delectable noodles!

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