New in town: Dr Kitchen – Pitch black brownies and pistachio tiramisu for the sweet-toothed

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Brownies are extremely addictive; I would shamelessly devour them non-stop if no one was looking. And to my delight, Muslim-owned Dr. Kitchen has opened their takeaway shop of brownies in Siglap on 6 May 2022. Their pitch black squares of fudgy goodness, which are called So Black Brownies (SBB) are so dark that you may mistaken them for being burnt.

owners of dr kitchen
Credit – Dr. Kitchen
dr kitchen shop
Credit – Dr. Kitchen

Way back in July 2020, Dr. Kitchen was just a humble home business that was setup during the circuit breaker period. The husband and wife duo, Mr Hafid and Dr. Nadia, started off selling cream puffs and durian puffs, and slowly added brownies and tiramisu to their menu. However, due to the high demand in production, they decided to open a physical takeaway shop which doubles up as their central kitchen as well.

brownies from Dr. Kitchen
mini black brownies

Dr. Kitchen’s So Black Brownies (SBB) uses 70% dark chocolate that makes it not overly-sweet. These moist, chewy brownies are filled with several molten fillings. Their bestsellers include the following.

Mini So Black Brownies (S$18)— Comes in a tub of 16 mini pieces of plain or sea salt flavours.

The OG Box Of 6 (S$33)— Comes in a box of 6 which contains 2 pieces of Sea Salt SBB, 2 pieces of Hazelnut Nutella SBB and 2 pieces of Speculoos SBB.

Go Nuts Box of 6 (S$33)— Comes in a box of 6 which contains 2 pieces of Roasted Macadamia SBB, 2 pieces of Pecan & Smoked Sea Salt SBB and 2 pieces of Crunchy Peanut Butter SBB.

A la carte offerings are also available for their 12 different flavours (S$5.50 – S$7 each).

pistachio tiramisu

One of their latest offerings, Pistachio Tiramisu (S$18) was launched on 25 May 2022 and they are sold out pretty fast every day since then! Dr. Nadia makes her own in-house pistachio butter which is then combined with her mascarpone cream mix. Topped with crushed pistachios, the crunchy texture combines harmoniously with the subtle pistachio flavour within. Dr. Kitchen works with non-profit organisation, Daughters Of Tomorrow, that supports economically challenged women, to give $1 for any tub of tiramisu purchased.

Self collection and delivery is available. To order, click here.

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