New in town: Donstop — Serving Japanese donburi, sando & pasta at Petaling Jaya

When you first step in Donstop, you’ll be greeted with splashes of red and turquoise at every corner. The interior is inspired by retro American diners, so you’d expect a menu full of burgers, pancakes, and milkshakes. But get this— they serve Japanese food.

Donstop - Storefront

This Muslim-friendly eatery’s name is a cheeky play on words. Their featured dishes are dons, and they want customers to never stop visiting their store.

Located at the ground floor of Imazium, Damansara Utama, Donstop specialises in donburi, also known as Japanese rice bowls. Their dons start from RM9.90— you can get a don with scrambled eggs, cauliflower, caramelised onions and topped with mayonnaise. All dons are made with Japanese rice seasoned with furikake.

Donstop - Donburi promotional poster

The rice bowls offered include Scrambled Egg with Tobiko (RM14.90) and Grilled Teriyaki Softbone Chicken Patty (RM17.90), the latter of which is a donburi with a patty made using chicken thighs and soft bones that’s cooked in teriyaki sauce. If you’re feeling a little fancy, check out their Unagi Don with Tobiko (RM28.90) or the Japanese A5 Wagyu Don (RM38).

You can also customise your rice bowls by adding on extra ingredients like Crispy Chicken Nuggets (RM5), Fried Chicken (RM5), and Cheese (RM3).Turn your dish into a meal by adding RM6 for a drink of your choosing and a cookie or muffin.

Donstop - Rice bowl with scrambled eggs and teriyaki chicken

It doesn’t stop there. Donstop has other menu items like spaghetti and sandwiches. The Carbonara (RM15.90) and Marinara (RM15.90) pastas are served with fried chicken and parmesan cheese. 

They have a few sando options like Egg ‘n’ Smoke Sausage with BBQ Sauce and Mayo, Fried Chicken, and Crumbed Fish with Thai Chilli Mayo, all of which are RM15.90 each. All sandwiches come with cucumber, fried cauliflower, and tomato for a balanced meal.

Donstop is a great place to drop by if you’re craving Japanese rice bowls, especially if you don’t want to break the bank!

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